66 ways to put up a Tarpaulin Shelter

A Tarpaulin Shelter can be a useful thing to have when your camping.  If your practicing true bushcraft it might be all you have for shelter and cover, or even if you have a tent you might want a tarp as a dining cover, or just something dry to sit under.

We found this infographic via Pinterest which details 66 different ways to put up a Tarp.  How you put up a tarp will depend on the use.  Tarpaulins can be used for

  • As a tent / a spare tent
  • A place to still and chat of an evening in the dry rather than being stuck in the tent
  • A kitchen / covered preparation area
  • An organisation area, to lay out kit, put things for drying etc

and I’m sure you have many more uses aswell!

What to look for in a tarp

  • Weight - Something lightweight for easy transport or something heavier?
  • Waterproofing - A waterproofed tarp will be very handy, be aware that canvas will get quite heavy when wet.
  • Size - Depending on the number of people and the use pick the size most suitable
  • Accessories - Poles, Rope / guy lines, pegs

So there are 66 ideas for using your tarp, which do you use, the classic A Frame or something else?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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