Alpkit Double Dozer Sleeping Mat

I’m a big fan of Alpkit Sleeping Mats, they are great quality mats, reasonably priced and have never failed me.  So I’m excited to hear and that they are extending their range with the Alpkit Double Dozer.  This is a double bed sized version of their Dozer (coincidentally the one I own).

The Double Dozer is almost the size of a standard Double bed!  It is 196cm by 129cm which is just 10cm slimmer than a standard double mattress and a 7.5cm thickness which will ensure there is air space between you and the ground.

As you’d expect though from a double mattress sized sleeping mat the luxury of a comfy mat comes with a larger pack size.  I won’t be hiking with one of these, but if you take the car to your basecamp it’s actually smaller packed up than you would expect.  The Double Dozer packs down to 115cm in length and a circumference of 121 cm.  The mat weighs in at 4kg.

double_dozer_rolled_1200_800autoThis is what Alpkit say about the Double Dozer -

Dozer is an institution. Known for its unrelenting pure comfort and hours and hours of blissful sleep. It has converted many an apprehensive camper into a zealous regular. Double Dozer is double the comfort and double the fun. In fact, it is just double the everything.

For unadulterated comfort, Dozer is designed for those people who want to share the comfort around- sharing is caring, you know? But also ideal for those that don’t want to share and just want to starfish. Perfect for those who want optimum comfort and weight is not an issue. The foam has been cored laterally to reduce weight and die cut in at less load bearing areas to reduce pack size. Composed from soft-touch polyester for that extra ‘ah’ factor when you settle down for the night.

The Double Dozer is available to Pre Order now for £90 (£30 more than the single), if you’re looking for a double sleeping mat definitely check out the Double Dozer and let us know what you think in the comments!

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