What is a Sleeping Bag Liner?

One of our readers has dropped us an email and asked “What is a Sleeping Bag Liner?” and should they get one.  We’re happy to help!  Firstly a sleeping bag liner is exactly what it sounds like a liner that you put inside a sleeping bag, they are often made of silk or fleece.  There are several reasons you would want a sleeping bag liner.

1 - Extending the life of your Sleeping Bag

If you have a mid range or premium sleeping bag you’ll know the washing instructions say that each time you wash it, you limit the life of the sleeping bag as the fill is and fabric of the sleeping bag is delicate.  So by using a sleeping bag liner within your sleeping bag you can wash the liner regularly but you won’t have to wash the sleeping bag as often, hence prolonging the life of the sleeping bag.  Also if you’re camping for an extended period it is a hassle to wash the whole sleeping bag as they are thick, heavy and take a long time to dry, whereas the liner will protect the bag and be quick to was and dry.

2 - Keep you warm

Fleece liners can provide extra warmth on those cold nights.  Some can even add 25°F of warmth to a sleeping bag!  Just watch out though as some fleece liners can be quite bulky.

3 - Keep you cool and even save you money

As well as keeping you warm they can also keep you cool too!  If your camping in a hot Summer you might not want your thick 3 season sleeping bag so just a liner would be perfect, or if you stay in Hostels you may find yourself being charged for sheets and not allowed to use a sleeping bag, but a liner should be ok.

So there you have it, 3 uses for a sleeping bag liner.  If your serious about preserving the life of your Sleeping Bag or want the extra warmth a sleeping bag liner is a must have item.

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  1. Gwil

    Thanks for the article, this is something I’ll definitely think about investing in next time I’m camping!

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