Nike+ Fuelband

You’ve probably heard of the Nike Fuelband but you may be wondering what does it actually do?  The Fuelband tracks you all day, it monitors the calories you burn the steps you take, and it even tells the time.

The Fuelband is a plastic device that you strap around your wrist, it syncs with an iPhone app and has a website interface too with a community to bring in the social aspect of exercise.  The app tracks Fuel points, in a normal day without any exercise you’ll probably earn between 1,000 and 2,000 fuel points.  Once you’ve finished exercising or reached the end of the day hit the button and it will sync with your phone.  This is where the real purpose of the fuel band comes to life.  On the App you can see your stats, be that for the day, week, month but if you connect to Facebook you’ll be able to compare yourself with your friends, that whats makes the Fuelband so addictive, comparing your stats to your friends!  Who will earn the most Fuelpoints?

In summary this is a great device if you need a bit of motivation to exercise, it gives you the impetus to get out and run, hit your daily goal or beat a friend.  However if you’re serious about your exercise you may find this device a bit limiting, there’s no GPS, if you’re a cyclist no cadence measure.

Have you used the Nike Fuelband?  Are there other devices you prefer?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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