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Originally I wanted to title this post novelty tents, but some of these tents are so technically engineered (like the Field Candy Tents) that they don’t deserve the title “Novelty”.  So here are 5 cool and quirky tents!

When we started our search for the most novel and unusual tents out there we knew we could just fill the list with tents from

Every Field Candy Tent is unique, the sides of the tents are printed with a wide variety of scenes.  We’ve picked two of our favourites a tent entitled “Get a Room” showing a silhouette of a couple kissing, and picnic perfect a round of traditionally British sandwiches.

FieldCandy Tents don’t just look good they are also designed to a high level of performance with classic ‘A’ frame storm tent construction. Based on the hardiest expedition tents on the market today, to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

At one time in our lives we’ve all probably dreamed of buying a Volkswagen camper van and travelling round Britain or Europe.  VW’s can be hard to come by but not this one!  The VW Camper Van Tent is produced by the monster factory.  Designed on the 1965 Model VW Camper Van this tent is 1:1 Scale and sleeps 4 adults in comfort.  Since its actual size its height gives you space for dressing.  The roof has a waterproof Hydrostatic Head of 3000mm and the walls have a HH of 1000mm. Guy lines on the front and sides help keep things upright in blustery conditions and the side entrance allows access to both inner bedrooms.

The JakPak was a shock to us, a tent you can wear!  It’s a Jacket, Tent and sleeping bag all in one!  To be honest we’re not sure about this one!  The concept could be interesting for “urban camping” - The queue for a new iPhone or in the stands at a sports event, but we’re not convinced that we’d take it on our next weekend away.  Have you used the Jakpak?  Got a view?  Leave a comment.

We’re back to the transport theme with this next tent.  This London Underground Tube Tent was released by Firebox around the start of the Olympics to give tourists that London feel!  They market is as sleeps 16 or 72 standing room!  The tent is split into 7 compartments, 5 sleeping and 2 entrance ways.  At 1550cm (That’s 15 metres!) we think you’d have to find a very understanding campsite owner!

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