8 Christmas Gifts for Camping & Outdoor Enthusiasts

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I can’t believe that Christmas is only a month away!  Here at ProCamping we’ve been coming up with our Christmas list for Santa.  Do you have a camping or outdoors enthusiast in your life who you’re not sure what to get?  Perhaps this list will help.

Just a note that you won’t find in this list highly technical tents, sleeping bags, stoves etc, as we think that these are really personal choices which require a great deal of thought, instead we’ve put together a list of “can’t go wrong” presents which are essential items for every camper’s kit!  We want to hear your Christmas present ideas too (whether you are giving or hoping to receive) Leave a comment!

Stocking Fillers and Secret Santa Gifts

We’ve picked a range of gifts for less than £10 which would make great Secret Santa’s or stocking fillers.

Light my Fire: Spork

The Light My Fire Spork is a Spoon, Knife and Fork all in one.  Light my Fire produce a range of brightly coloured Sporks for just £2 each, or if you are looking for something slightly more rugged they also produce a titanium spork, lightweight and strong.

Trekmates Deluxe Pillow

The Trekmates Deluxe Pillow is the next option on our Secret Santa list.  Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little luxury.  This Deluxe pillow is a much better option than resting your head on a sweater or coat!

Highlander Magnesium Fire Starter

A Highlander Magnesium Fire Starter can help start 100’s of fires.  Striking the magnesium produces a spark of 5400 degrees F.  Just be sure to have a good supply of dry tinder!

Christmas Gifts for Close Friends

If you’ve a little more money to spend and want a gift that will be used over and over, why not one of these…

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool

Every outdoor enthusiast should have a multi tool.  Whether you’re walking, camping or doing some other activity you never know what situation you might get in, so it’s best to be prepared.  The Leatherman Skeletool Multi Tool is our pick for a great all-rounder.  It has been drilled out whether possible to make it as lightweight as possible, has a carabiner or removable pocket clip for easy carrying and several tools including a knife, bottle opener pliers and more.

Petzl Tikka 2 Head Torch

We’ve previously reviewed the Petzl Tikka 2 Headtorch.  It’s a great value torch.  Often a torch is forgotten while on the trail but Petzl Tikka 2 is small and easy to pack.  A Headtorch is a great thing to have whether camping, hiking, or doing any activity, it frees your hands to do more important things like hold a map or a book!

Lifesystems Explorer First Aid Kit

Its always best to be prepared A Lifesystems Explorer First Aid Kit is specifically designed for outdoor activity.  Perfect for scrambers, ramblers and anyone who spends more time outside than in!

Powertraveller SolarMonkey Adventurer Solar Charger

The Powertraveller SolarMonkey Adventurer Solar Charger is the answer for keeping in touch during those extended camping trips.  The solar charger collects and stores solar power which can then be used to charge your phone or GPS.  In our modern times when phone batteries last just a few hours if you can’t change the batteries a solar charger is a lifesaver.

A Magazine Subscription

For the gift that they will remember you for month after month give a magazine subscription.  WHSmith Magazines offers a wide range of subscriptions.  Some of our picks include Trail Running, Country Walking, The Great Outdoors but there are many to choose from!

So there you have it, those are our picks for Christmas Gifts, have we missed something that’s on your Christmas List?  Do you have a suggestion?  Leave and comment and let us know!


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