Lost your water resistance? Reproof with Nikwax

Over time all waterproofs lose their water resistance, do you remember when your waterproof jacket was new, the rain beaded and slid down the jacket, does is still do that?  Or does it just soak in.  If your waterproofs have lost their water resistance Nikwax TX Direct Wash in will bring back their water repellency and revive breathability.


Nikwax TX Direct is easy to use,

  • First ensure your garments are clean, (Nikwax Tech Wash is recommended for this)
  • Add a maximum of 2 garments to your washing machine
  • Remove all detergent build up from the detergent dispenser.
  • Use 100ml per garment.
  • Run 30°C synthetic cycle and slow spin.


  •  The wash in proofer is designed for synthetic with no lining, including 3-layer garments
  • Wash-in treatment completely immerses garments assuring that no areas are missed
  • Reduces the water-absorbency of the outer fabric, optimizing breathability
  • Heals micro-cracks by sealing leaky areas
  • Lasts several washes
  • Safe on GORE-TEX, Ultrex and Entrant and all other membrane fabrics
  • 1 Litre

Reviews are really positive on Cotswold Outdoor site with reviewers saying

“Just the product you need to keep those favourite jackets really performing for a while linger.”

“my waterproofs are waterproof once more!”

Have you used Nikwax?  Have another tip for caring for your waterproof gear?  Leave a comment!

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