Vango Tent Kit - Spare Parts for your Tent

Ever unpacked your tent and and realised you’re missing a part, or the ground is too firm to get the pegs in?  What you need is the Vango tent kit.  The Vango Tent Kit contains

  • A Hammer - This is a fairly lightweight plastic hammer but will give you that essential power to knock in pegs however firm the soil
  • A Peg Extractor - A Hook with a easy grip which makes pulling pegs a breeze
  • 10 x Steel hook & pin pegs 18cm x 4mm - There’s nothing worse than getting to a campsite and finding you don’t have enough pegs, or want to storm rig your tent with extra pegs, so 10 Steel hook and pin pegs will give you plenty spare to work with.
  • 5 x Steel V pegs standard - Aswell as Hook and Pin Pegs, 5 V pegs are included too.
  • 4 x Guylines with runner 300cm x 4mm - If you snap a guy rope you’ll be pleased to have some spares, alternatively you could rig these up as a washing line.

The RRP for the Vango Tent Kit is £15, and its a perfect accessory if you camp often with the car or in large groups.

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