Lightweight Camping Stoves

In this post we round up a selection of the lightest weight camping stoves.  Each has different attributes and may suit different purposes so the best advice is always to be prepared, consider what you would be cooking, do you need to carry water for cooking (in addition to drinking!) or will you be able to get water at the location, can you eat out or use a stove at your location - ok so perhaps thats not quite the attitude but the lightest weight stove would be the one you don’t need to carry!

Vango Ultralight Stove

A lightweight stove is invariably going to be a compact stove that screws directly into a gas bottle.  The Vango ultralight is the lightest of our selection at just 72 grams.  The pot supports fold away making it easier to pack and there is a flame adjuster so that you can control the burner, at the time of writing £23 so lightweight doesn’t have to be expensive.

MSR Pocket Rocket

MSR are synonomous with camping equipment and particularly cooking stoves.  Their Pocket Rocket weighs in at 85g and neatly folds down for storage.  It has been available for some time and is a firm favourite among campers.  At the time of writing priced at £30.

Jetboil Sol Titanium

The Jetboil Sol Titanium is our wildcard choice, its all very well us saying a stove is 72g but of course you need to bring all your cooking pots and accessories on top of that.  The Jetboil range is a new breed of stove which includes a large (0.8litre) cooking cup, the stove and small gas canister pack away into the cup making it easy to carry.  Without the gas canister the weight is 245g, currently priced at £160 (but the titanium version is top of the range, others are available).

Cooking Accessories

If you’re just taking a gas stove like the MSR Pocket Rocket don’t forget your cooking equipment, at a minimum you’ll want a pot, a spork (for both cooking and eating), and probably a mug for a nice cup of tea.  If you can afford it Titanium will be both lightweight and strong for all the accessories.  A great option is the MSR 0.8l Kettle.  You won’t get much lighter than this at 118g, and it can be used as a pot, a mug or a bowl with a tight fitting lid and a none drip spout.  At £50 its a great investment but if you don’t want to stretch this far Aluminum is an option, not a strong as titanium, but much cheaper and still light.

What are your tips

What tips do you have for lightweight camp cooking?  Any favourite meals, must have equipment or other cooking secrets?  Share away in the comments.



Vango Banshee 200

The Vango Banshee 200 is a best selling tent and part of Vangos core tent line.  The tent is a 2 person lightweight and compact tent, suitable for many uses including hiking or overseas travel.  The tent is 2.14 kg in weight, packing down to a size of 45 x 15 cm and is a tunnel tent with 2 pre angled poles.

Vango say the Banshee 200 can be erected in 7 minutes.  The below video from Cotswold outdoors shows a little more information about the tent and most importantly how to pitch the Vango Banshee 200 Tent.

Banshee 200 Specifications

  • All in one pitching - the flysheet and inner simply and quickly pitch together.
  • 70D Protex® Polyester featuring Vango hexagonal pattern.
  • Breathable polyester Inner Tent.
  • Polyester groundsheet waterproof to 6,000mm.
  • Colour coded poles.
  • Pre-angled poles.
  • Flysheet door can be opened as a vent.
  • Rain stop flysheet door.
  • Multiple reflective points on the pegging points to pick up your torch light.
  • Flysheet vents with mesh covering.
  • Walking pole attachment eyelet in door.
  • Part mesh inner door.
  • Compression stuffsac.

Have a Banshee 200 Tent?  Leave a comment and let everyone know what you love about it and where you have been with it!


Vango Tent Kit - Spare Parts for your Tent

Ever unpacked your tent and and realised you’re missing a part, or the ground is too firm to get the pegs in?  What you need is the Vango tent kit.  The Vango Tent Kit contains

  • A Hammer - This is a fairly lightweight plastic hammer but will give you that essential power to knock in pegs however firm the soil
  • A Peg Extractor - A Hook with a easy grip which makes pulling pegs a breeze
  • 10 x Steel hook & pin pegs 18cm x 4mm - There’s nothing worse than getting to a campsite and finding you don’t have enough pegs, or want to storm rig your tent with extra pegs, so 10 Steel hook and pin pegs will give you plenty spare to work with.
  • 5 x Steel V pegs standard - Aswell as Hook and Pin Pegs, 5 V pegs are included too.
  • 4 x Guylines with runner 300cm x 4mm - If you snap a guy rope you’ll be pleased to have some spares, alternatively you could rig these up as a washing line.

The RRP for the Vango Tent Kit is £15, and its a perfect accessory if you camp often with the car or in large groups.