Jetboil Joule Camping Stove

I’m a big fan of the Jetboil brand and they have now added the Jetboil Joule to their range, I have a Jetboil Flash which I often take walking and camping.  The downside of the Jetboil Flash has always been as the name suggests that it is primarily for boiling water which it does very quickly.  However this means it’s not possible to cook with.  The New Jetboil Joule however is designed for cooking!

Jetboil Joule


About the Jetboil Joule

Jetboil have kept everything that I love about the Jetboil and built on it.  The whole system (including the fuel) packs away inside the pot so everything is really compact inside the 2.5 litre pot for carrying.  They have now inverted the fuel bottle which both allows every last drop of fuel to be used and also helps preheat the fuel for more efficient output which Jetboil say will match the efficiency of a liquid/multifuel stove.  It also has a new simmer mode so that you can effectively cook a dehydrated meal or other foods in the pot.

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  • Weight: 720g
  • Volume: 2.5 L
  • Dimensions: 165 mm x 203 mm
  • Water boiled: 24 Liters per 230g Jetpower canister
  • High 10,000 BTU output
  • Inverted canister design with Liquid Feed Regulator
  • Thermo-Regulate technology, consistent heat to 10°F/-12°C
  • Convenient and reliable push-button igniter
  • 2.5 Litre FluxRing insulated cooking vessel
  • Stable locking handle that folds for storage
  • See through lid with built in strainer

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Lightweight Camping Stoves

In this post we round up a selection of the lightest weight camping stoves.  Each has different attributes and may suit different purposes so the best advice is always to be prepared, consider what you would be cooking, do you need to carry water for cooking (in addition to drinking!) or will you be able to get water at the location, can you eat out or use a stove at your location - ok so perhaps thats not quite the attitude but the lightest weight stove would be the one you don’t need to carry!

Vango Ultralight Stove

A lightweight stove is invariably going to be a compact stove that screws directly into a gas bottle.  The Vango ultralight is the lightest of our selection at just 72 grams.  The pot supports fold away making it easier to pack and there is a flame adjuster so that you can control the burner, at the time of writing £23 so lightweight doesn’t have to be expensive.

MSR Pocket Rocket

MSR are synonomous with camping equipment and particularly cooking stoves.  Their Pocket Rocket weighs in at 85g and neatly folds down for storage.  It has been available for some time and is a firm favourite among campers.  At the time of writing priced at £30.

Jetboil Sol Titanium

The Jetboil Sol Titanium is our wildcard choice, its all very well us saying a stove is 72g but of course you need to bring all your cooking pots and accessories on top of that.  The Jetboil range is a new breed of stove which includes a large (0.8litre) cooking cup, the stove and small gas canister pack away into the cup making it easy to carry.  Without the gas canister the weight is 245g, currently priced at £160 (but the titanium version is top of the range, others are available).

Cooking Accessories

If you’re just taking a gas stove like the MSR Pocket Rocket don’t forget your cooking equipment, at a minimum you’ll want a pot, a spork (for both cooking and eating), and probably a mug for a nice cup of tea.  If you can afford it Titanium will be both lightweight and strong for all the accessories.  A great option is the MSR 0.8l Kettle.  You won’t get much lighter than this at 118g, and it can be used as a pot, a mug or a bowl with a tight fitting lid and a none drip spout.  At £50 its a great investment but if you don’t want to stretch this far Aluminum is an option, not a strong as titanium, but much cheaper and still light.

What are your tips

What tips do you have for lightweight camp cooking?  Any favourite meals, must have equipment or other cooking secrets?  Share away in the comments.



Jetboil Accessories

A while ago we featured the Jetboil stove an innovative design of stove and Mug that all packs in to itself.  There are also a range of accessories which are available to use with the stove.

Just because the Jetboil is a camping stove don’t think it can’t make you a good cup of coffee too!  With the Jetboil coffee press your Jetboil cup is instantly converted into a cafetière.  Note though that if you own the Jetboil Sumo the cafetière attachment will not fit as the Sumo mug is significantly wider than other mugs.

Jetboil also have a range of cooking and eating utensils a spoon, fork and spatula known as the JetSet Utensils Set.  The utensils Long enough to comfortably reach the bottom of the PCS or GCS, and specially shaped to scour each edge and corner. The Spatula shape even matches the Jetboil FluxRing Fry Pan. With telescopic handles the utensils store compactly in the Jetboil cooking vessels. The utensils are made from lightweight and durable high-temperature nylon.

Jetboil isn’t just for drinks, with the Jetboil Cooking Pots or Jetboil Frying pan you can also use the Jetboil as a standard stove.  The cooking pot comes in either 1.5L or 3 Litre sizes and the lid can double as a serving plate or bowl.


Jetboil Flash Stove

The Jetboil Flash reinvents the camping stove as we know it.  The Flash is an all in one unit, a large 1 litre cooking cup isn’t only for cooking in but all parts including small gas canisters pack down inside it.

The cup itself has an insulated sleeve both to minimise heat loss and making it easy to hold, the base of the cup contains Jetboil’s “Fluxring” technology, a set of fins that allow quick induction of heat and even heat distribution, this means a litre of water boils in just 2mins 30secs.  The lid also has a drink through spout so when you’re out on those cold mornings your drink stays hot for longer.

The stove itself has a Piezo ignition which means no faffing about with damp matches!  Just one click ingition, easy!  Also the flame regulator dial is connected to a long wire handle which makes it easy to use if you’re wearing gloves.

Finally the pack comes with stabalising legs which can be attached to your gas canister if you’re on uneven ground.

Heres a great unboxing video we found on You Tube which explains all the parts and features.

The Jetboil Flash is just one stove of a series of Jetboils.  We’ve picked the Flash as our personal choice for the right balance of features and price.  Other options are the Zip which is cheaper, smaller but importantly for us has no ignition which is why we went up to the Flash.  The Flash only weighs 400g (without Gas canister) but if weight is super important to you the Jetboil Sol is titanium made and comes in at 300g.  Or for couples or Families the Sumo comes with a massive 1.8 litre cup.

Specifications Jet Boil Flash

  • 1 litre cooking cup with insulation sleeve
  • Colour-change heat indicator on sleeve
  • Adjustable, stainless steel burner with Piezo ignition system
  • Drink-through lid
  • Insulating bottom cover/measuring cup
  • Tripod base for stability
  • Can boil up to 12 Litres of water per 100g cartridge
  • Weight (without gas cylinder): 421g
  • Dimensions 4.1” x 7.1” (104 mm x 180 mm)