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Therm-a-Rest Sandals

If I said Therm-a-rest then I’m sure most of you reading would instantly think inflatable sleeping mats, and I’m sure many of you (like me) own a Therm-a-rest! What may not spring to mind is sandals, but all that is soon to change. Therm-a-rest and footwear manufacturer Freewaters have partnered to create a Therm-a-rest Sandal.

Freewater aren’t just a footwear company, as the name suggests there is another element to them. Freewaters believe that access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. Each pair sold helps support global clean drinking water projects.

On the new range of Therm-a-Rest Sandals Freewater Co-Founder Eli Marmar said “This type of partnership is something rare and really special, not only do Freewaters and Therm-a-Rest have perfectly symbiotic product technologies, we also share a passion for transforming lives through clean drinking water projects.”

The sandals contain a proprietary foam formula which provides the unique combination of instant comfort with strong rebound and durability. The signature Therm-a-Rest ridge pattern provides insane grip, flexibility, air circulation and water sipping. Combine all this with Freewaters ergonomic midsoles and attention to fit and the result is a total game changer in sandal comfort and performance.

Freewaters are an American company based in California, you can visit their website here. Currently there is no information as to whether these will come to the UK.

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