Camping Store Gift Cards & Vouchers

Whether its Christmas, a Birthday or just a job well done a gift card could be the answer.  You shouldn’t feel bad for giving a gift card to a camping enthusiast.  Firstly good camping equipment can be expensive so contributing to the gift is often wiser than buying an inferior product.  Secondly for me a large part of the fun is picking the present, campers can be very picky about their equipment so a gift voucher gives them the joy of comparing and shopping for the perfect equipment.

Of course if you know exactly what gift to get and it is in your budget then don’t get gift vouchers, get them what they asked for!

Here are some links to the Gift Voucher pages of leading outdoor retailers.

Cotswold Outdoors Gift Cards come in three varieties, paper gift vouchers in £10 or £25 denomonations, Gift Cards which allow you to pick any value, or e-Voucher perfect if there isn’t much time available.

Simply Hike Gift Cards are available in two options, an email option and a postal option.  Both the Card and Voucher comes in fixed values £15,£25, £50 or £100.  The Gift Card is posted while the Gift Voucher is emailed.

The Ellis Brigham Gift Vouchers come in several types, they have the standard gift voucher which is posted to you and can be used in stores.  To use this gift voucher online / by mail order you must physically post it to them.  They also offer London and Manchester Ice Climb vouchers.  In both their London and Manchester stores Ellis Brigham have an ice climbing wall, vouchers are available for either an ice climbing lesson, or if your recipient is already an expert they can hire the wall for their own use.


So there are a few gift voucher picks from us, if you think we have missed your favourite retailer email us at [email protected] and with the details, and we’ll add them in!

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