Petzl Tikka 2 Headlamp

Whether you’re camping, hiking, cycling or doing any other outdoor activity a headlamp is an essential.  A headlamp means your hands are free, no holding a large torch, and most headlamps are also compact and easy to store.

There are many headlamps on the market, but we’ve picked the Petzl Tikka 2 Headlamp today, this is packed with features but has a very reasonable price.  The Petzl Tikka 2 gives great versatility with three lighting modes maximum, economic or strobe, so you have the freedom to pick a mode based on your activity -

  • Maximum Mode - All 4 LEDs are light providing 40 Lumens of light which is powerful enough to see over a distance of 29 metres.
  • Economic Mode - This mode on the other hand is optimised for battery life and provides up to 120 hours of burn time.
  • Strobe Mode - as the name suggests produces a regular flash of light.

It’s easy to switch between the light modes through the push button switch.

The headtorch is powered by 3 AAA batteries so they are easy to change out on the go if you are using the headlamp for extended lengths of time, or alternatively this would enable you to use rechargeable batteries.

ADAPT Mounting kits are also available should you wish to mount the light to your Bike or other equipment.

What do you say?

Have any experience of the Petzl Tikka 2 or have another head torch you want to tell us about, leave a comment!

Here are a couple of opinions from reviewers at Cotswold Outdoors to get you started -

“The comfort , weight & durability of this headtorch positively excels.”

“This one comes with a pull out, self reloading elastic string rather than head band, meaning it is so compact it can live in the top pocket of your rucksack”

“exceeds my expectations. On economy setting it provides more than enough light”


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