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Design your own Down Jacket

Have you ever wanted to design your own outdoor clothing?  PHD Mountain software gives you the opportunity to design your own down jacket personalised to your needs.

PHD stands for Peter Hutchinson Designs and was launched in 1998, they specialise in extreme warmth and extreme lightness, designing and making everything in Stalybridge UK.

Designing your Down Jacket starts here - Choose the type of Jacket Your first decision in your journey to designing a Jacket is the base jacket type.  This will define the weight, temperature rating and base price of your jacket.  The choices start at

  • Ladakh - £200, 350gm, -5°C
  • Toubkal - £230, 460gm, -15°C
  • Svalbard - £325, 650gm, -25°C
  • Denali - £435, 800gm, -35°C

So this gives you a significant choice, right the way through from a -5°C jacket to one which will survive the harshest conditions of -35°C.  At PHD customisation doesn’t just mean you get to choose the colour of the zip, you get to customise everything.  This starts with the dimensions of the jacket.  You can specify Width, Body Length and Inside Arm measurements.

Once you have these options set your next step is to define the shell fabric.  This will define the type of use of the Jacket, is it a Ultralightweight fabric?  Or do you need something breathable but fully waterproof.  The fabric you pick will define the selection of colours available to you.

FillPower is next, you have the choice of 800 or 900 fill power, 900 gives you the same amount of loft for a lower weight and size of fill.  Also you can select to have the Jacket Overfilled, this will give you several degrees more warmth but change the fit of the jacket.

Features - As if all the above wasn’t enough finally you get to choose the features, some Jackets come with selectable hoods (on some they come as standard), you can also pick where you have pockets, chest, waist or both.

So if you want a fully personalised down jacket, PHD Software gives you the ability to design a jacket perfect for your needs and designed to your personal fit.

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