Hats from Sherpa Adventure Gear

If you’re out in the cold winter you’ll need a hat, rather than the common black and grey hats you see everyone wearing why not have some fun with a colourful hat.  Sherpa have a great range of fun hats.

The Tsering Hats have earflaps and tie tassles and fun colourful knots, the tassle on the top of the hat bounces and you walk and the Tsering hat comes in 6 different colours.  The Tsering Hat is 100% lambswool so it not only looks cool it also retains heat well.

The Tashi hats are the same shape as Tsering, tassles, earflaps and ties, but one major difference.  The Tashi hat is lined with Polarfleece for itch free warmth.

The Rimjhim hat is made from the left over yarn from Sherpa’s other hats.  This means there is a medley of colour in every hat.  Once again these hats are lined with PolarFleece.

Finally for today the Hima Hat, this is 100% pashmina so is extremely comfortable and bold stripes could make a great gift.

So there you have it, just four fun designs of hats from the wide range from Sherpa Adventure Gear.  Do you have a hat or scarf you love year after year, let us know what makes it so special!

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