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The Camping Survey 2014

At ProCamping we love a good infographic and the team at GoOutdoors have outdone themselves with the 2014 Camping Survey which presents research they did on 2831 British Campers.  How much do you fit the norm or what do you do differently.  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Some of the key findings included

48% of those surveyed had been camping for over 20 years, and 20% for less than 5 years, so quite a mix of veteran campers and new.  The most popular age group for camping is 30 - 49 which covered more than 68% of those surveyed.

The most popular place for camping was shared between Pooley Bridge and Keswick.  Here in the Procamping tent we were discussing our favourites, its a struggle to pick just one, but probably camping ontop of the rugged Pembrokeshire coastline.  What are your favourite camping spots?

Its not just about traditional camping either, theres a whole host of camping ideas that people are trying including - Wild camping, Glamping, Yurts, VW Campers, Snowholing, Teepees, and more!

Of course its the camping stories that we love the most, thats what makes camping so fun, you always have a story or experience to share.  Without further ado here is the Survey, let us know what you think and your Camping experiences and favourites in the comments!

GO Outdoors - Camping Survey Infographic - FINAL