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Top T-Shirts for the Outdoors

I thought it was about time for a T-Shirt post, as I write this in late May the Sun is out, the air is warm so time to throw your fleeces into storage and break out the short sleeve T-Shirts.  Here are a selection of Tees to look great whatever your sport be it running, camping, climbing, hiking or just chilling out.

Logo T-Shirts

An obvious starting point is a Logo T-Shirt.  You can’t go wrong with a Logo T-Shirt of your favourite brands.

The North Face Woodcut T-shirt is available in Cosmic Blue or Coffee Brown and the North Face Logo appears with a Woodcut style background.

The Rab Stacked Logo T-Shirt contains the Rab Logo stacked up.  From a distance it almost looks blurred or some sort of 3D image, available in Grey, Blue and Green.

Mammut T-Shirt

The Mammut MMammouth T-Shirt contains everyone’s favourite Woolly Mammouth on the front centre of the T-Shirt and the brand name Mammut across the shoulders on the reverse.  Available in Black, Red, Dark and Light Blue.

The Salomon T-Shirt contains the phrase “Mountain Sports Progression Born in the French Alps”.  A clean design available in Blue or a Dark Orange.

 This Yellow Mountain Equipment Free Spirit T-Shirt looks like a standard logo T-Shirt at first glance but on closer inspection their is a climber hanging from the base of the mountain logo and clipped into the Q and M of Equipment!The Jack Wolfskin Echo T-Shirt shows the Classic Jack Wolfskin name with the paw print logo repeated in an Echo 3 times across the front of the T-Shirt.  Available in three colours Blue, Green and Granite.

This Bear Grylls 74 T-Shirt from Craghoppers contains the words Bear Grylls and 74 across the front.  74 representing the year of his birth.  Available in Blue, Grey and Khaki.

Graphic T-Shirts

Sometimes the best type of T-Shirt contains a design that you aspire to, a climber up a mountain, a long road ahead and more.

The Mountain Equipment Shivling T-Shirt celebrates Doug Scott’s ’83 first ascent of the East Pillar of the Shivling Mountain in the Himalayas.

The Jack Wolfskin Roped T-Shirt shows the outline of two climbers roped together ascending a mountain.  Available in Blue or Black.

The Evolution Peter Storm T-Shirt is a walkers twist on the classic Evolution image,  Showing mans evolution from ape and caveman through to Backpacker!

Sayings and Slogan T-Shirts

Of course lets not forget T-Shirts that contain inspirational Slogans or perhaps just a funny saying!

This Dome Tent T-Shirt from The North Face contains a picture of their popular Dome Tent with the saying “Home Sweet Dome”.

What are your favourites?

If you have a favourite T-Shirt that we haven’t included leave a comment with a link and we’ll try and add it in!

Activity Essentials

Salomon S-Lab Fellcross

Salomon S-Lab Fellcross is one of the leading ultralight trail running shoes.  Trail running if you’re not sure is running over hiking trails, these are often muddy and uneven.  Good trail shoes have aggressive knobbly soles that are more rigid than standard running shoes.  As running is on trails rather than hard roads cushioning is less important.  Trail shoes have a low profile to cope with the uneven ground.  Finally they must be lightweight.

The S-Lab Fellcross is no exception to this, the shoe is comfortable, lightweight and has spent more than 2 years in design and development by real athletes testing different materials and profiles extensively.  The laces are a quick draw system, this is lightweight and quick and easy to put on.  The Salomon S-Lab Fellcross also recently one TGO Magazines Footwear product of the year 2012 award.

Specifications -

  • Weight     262 (8.5)
  • Weight    5
  • Cushioning 4
  • Stability    4
  • Protection    4
  • Breathability   3
  • Durability    4
  • Midsole Height     5MM / 9MM