The Tent Commandments

Ok so we’re not convinced by the name “Tent Commandments” but this infographic from Outdoor World Direct is a great guide to some basic tent and camping essentials.

The 10 Rules are -

Pitch Before Play - Perhaps the most important rule, it’s so tempting when you arrive at a site to go off exploring or find a local restaurant, but first things first, get your tent up!  You will be thankful afterwards, it will mean you’re not putting up your tent in the dark, and you won’t get back to the site and find there are no pitches left.

Have the right sleeping bag - So most of us just have one sleeping bag so this commandment may sound a little far-fetched, but the principle holds, if your shopping for a sleeping bag, consider where you are most likely to use it and therefore what sort of temperature rating it should be.  Also consider a sleeping bag liner, in the winter a sleeping bag liner could provide you with extra warmth or if its Summer you may feel you only need the sleeping bag liner and not a full sleeping bag.

Feed Me - If you are camping with family or even friends there is nothing worse than a hungry camper.  Keep your crew well fed so ensure you have a sufficient cooking stove, pots and pans to feed your camp mates.

Dress to impress - Layering is the key here, if your camping in Britain expect the unexpected, start with a decent base layer, and layer up so that you have options to remove or add as your activities and weather require.

Don’t get lost - I often find this is easier said than done, why is it even following what looks like a straight line on a map I end up losing the trail.  So I would change this to the Scout Motto “Be Prepared”, Take a paper map, yes phone GPS are great too but only while the battery lasts, so make sure you plan ahead and prepare.

Boot up - A good pair of walking boots are key, they’ll protect your ankles, keep you waterproof and cope with whatever conditions you encounter.

Survive! - Don’t forget a survival kit, either make your own specialised to the conditions you’ll be facing or buy a premade kit.  Outdoor World recommend you keep your survival kit in your pocket, as if you’re separated from your rucksack you don’t want to be without your survival gear.

Keep Clean - This is true not just in camping but all the time, keep the countryside clean and leave it how you would expect to find it.

Keep the Kids Entertained - A lot of the time when camping they’ll be a lot of down time, so take a Frisbee or some outdoor toys to keep the kids entertained, and prepare for rain!  If you’re stuck in the tent in a day of rain have some travel board games to hand.

Relax and Have Fun - Despite us just quoting 10 rules at you, camping isn’t about rules and orders!  It’s about escaping the mundane day-to-day desk job and enjoying yourself!  So have a great time camping.

Do you have any rules you always adhere to when camping?  Something you always take, or a procedure you always follow?  Leave a comment and let us know

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