BioLite CampStove

The Biolite Campstove caught our attention, firstly it’s a beautiful design, secondly it has a USB charger outlet on it, we’ve never seen that before!

The Biolite stove is powered by nature!  This is a wood stove so is powered by twigs and bark that you will find out and about on the trail.  The heat from this not only cooks your food but also powers a Thermoelectric generator which provides power for the USB outlet and powers a fan which makes the stove even more efficient.

When you’re out for extended periods the unique USB functionality of this stove could come in really handy.  Of course you go camping to get away from things but having the option to charge a mobile phone can come in really handy.

Being powered by wood could be really handy too, no hassles trying to find gas in foreign countries, but if its wet outside you could have some trouble lighting so perhaps best to pack a few twigs to get you started off!


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