The Glamorous Girl’s Guide to the Great Outdoors

The Glamorous Girl’s Guide to the Great Outdoors is the book from the creator of website.  They describe the book as drawing from a range of journals and experiences to detail what seems to work and what doesn’t when trying to look and feel good when out and about in the great outdoors!  The fact “The Great Outdoors really is the most Glamorous place to be” is a fact we wholeheartedly endorse!

The book is organised as a series of essays of outdoor tips, need to knows and safety advice, all written in a lighthearted easily digestible manner!  Some of the subjects include

Your Rucksack - A catch-all list of products to carry with you in your rucksack whatever the weather and length of your stay.  This provides a great list which you can refer to and add or edit as necessary for whatever outdoor adventure you have in mind.

A Word About Safety - A common sense but essential guide to safety in the Great Outdoors, whether that’s how to deal with bulls and cows while out on a ramble, how to call help, or equipment to carry.

Being a Good Companion - A essay and list of how to make your trip to the Great Outdoors enjoyable for those around you, something we could all probably do with reading (men included!).  Simple tips such as being on time, sharing the tedious tasks and even how to deal with tantrums.

Those are just a few of the many subjects covered by The Glamorous Girl’s Guide to the Great Outdoors, the book is packed with tips and tricks including what beauty kit to carry in your rucksack, how to handle the ‘hair-do’ in gusty winds, matters of the heart - including falling in love with your ski instructor - and essential ‘what to pack’ checklists.

So where do all these great tips come from?  The creator of the Glamorous Girls guide is Cassandra Ferguson, a self-professed outdoor enthusiast who has written a range of articles for online and print outdoor publications about her experiences which have included - crewing a tall ship, scrambling, cycling, walking, skiing and horse riding to name just a few!

The Glamorous Girl’s Guide to the Great Outdoors is being launched today at The Great Outdoors Show London (17th - 20th Jan 2013) so if you are visiting be sure to pop by the GlamOutdoors stand,

The book is also available to buy at Amazon in Paperback or Kindle form.

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