Worst-Case Survival Handbooks

The Worst Case Survival Handbooks are a series of guides that have sold over 10 million copies.  Written by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht they conceive all kinds of “Worst Cases” and give survival guidance to get out of them.

The classic book that started it all was The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook.  It describes itself as an essential companion for a perilous age - Danger! It lurks at every corner. Volcanoes. Sharks. Quicksand. Terrorists. The pilot of the plane blacks out and it’s up to you to land the jet. What do you do? “The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook” is here to help: jam-packed with how-to, hands-on, step-by-step, illustrated instructions on everything you need to know FAST-from defusing a bomb to delivering a baby in the back of a cab. Providing frightening and funny real information in the best-selling tradition of the “Paranoid’s Pocket Guide” and “Hypochondriac’s Handbook, ” this indispensable, indestructible pocket-sized guide is the definitive handbook for those times when life takes a sudden turn for the worse.

Other books in the series include -

The Worst-case Scenario Travel Handbook - Here the authors have addressed the kind of glitches, pitfalls, disasters and conundra one might encounter when sojourning in distant or hostile lands. Hence there are sections offering advice on: How to Control a Runaway Camel; How to Survive in Frigid Water; How to Pass a Bribe; How to Deal with a Tarantula; and so on. Some of the problems and chapters might seem a little far-fetched and remote (How to Cross a Piranha-infested River); others all-too local and everyday to be confined to a travel book (How to Survive a Mugging).

The Worst-case Scenario Handbook: Life - packing hundreds of instant, real solutions to daily crises in categories covering, home, relationships, travel, sports and hobbies, animals and pets, money, school, beauty and fitness, holidays and celebrations, and more.

Other less Outdoorsy guides include Golf, Parenting, Dating and Sex, Work, University

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