RouteBuddy Mapping Software

RouteBuddy is desktop digital mapping system available on both Mac and Windows computers.  The software allows you to Plan, Discover and Go!

Plan - With Route Buddy you can pick which maps you want to buy and download to your computer.  The RouteBuddy Store includes Ordnance Survey Landranger and Explorer maps.  You can then carefully plan out your routes on your compute, and print them out or send them to a smartphone.

Discover - RouteBuddy is compatible with GPX and other popular route formats, so you can download routes from popular websites to try out.

Go - When your out on the track, you can either take out a printed map with you or export your routes to RouteBuddy Atlas on the iPhone.

There are many other website options to Routebuddy, some paid, some free, I think the big advantage of Routebuddy is the fact that you can buy Ordnance survey maps for it, these have much more detailed footpath information than any google maps, and give the detail of landmarks etc that are invaluble when you’re out cycling or hiking.

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