Zippo Blu Lighters

Zippo lighters are nothing new, they were founded in 1932 and have become synonymous with quality and their ability to stay lit in poor conditions.  In more recent years though windproof butane lighters have become popular with campers and hikers which have a far hotter windproof flame.

Zippo launched in 2007 the Zippo Blu lighter.  This is a Zippo’s take on the Butane torch lighter, there are several designs and many still retain the distinctive Zippo design and the clicking sound of the lid.

As with regular Zippo’s the Blu is lit by a flint which you roll as you depress the gas button.  Zippo is one of the only manufacturers to use a flint for igniting their butane lighter, they say this is because the simplicity of the flint results in outstanding reliability.  Unlike the regular Zippo you must continue to depress the gas button throughout use, when you let go, the flow of gas stops.

How do you light a Zippo Blu Lighter?

  • Striking the wheel of the BLU® lighter has a different feel than a traditional windproof Zippo lighter. Push down on the flint wheel mechanism using your thumb while rotating the flint wheel to create sparks.
  • Continue to roll thumb downward which depresses the gas-release button.
  • Keep gas-release button depressed to maintain the flame.
  • Release to extinguish. Use caution, the blue flame is extremely hot.

How do you fuel / Refuel a Zippo Blu Lighter?

  • Zippo produces their own Zippo Premium Butane Fuel, which is probably sold where you bought your lighter!  It has a blue cap making it easy to spot.
    Refuel your BLU® lighter in a well-ventilated area away from open flame or source of heat/sparks.
  • Hold lighter pointed down so the filling valve (located in center of black knob at bottom) is facing up. Do not shake can. Place the butane fuel can nozzle into filling valve and depress the can several times with a firm, even pressure.
  • Be sure the butane can nozzle is seated correctly in the filling valve. If butane leaks, try re-seating the nozzle. Butane fuel is not only highly flammable, it is freezing cold when it escapes into the air during filling, so be careful to avoid contact with skin.
  • Wait at least 2 minutes after refueling before using your lighter; this allows the fuel and seals to stabilize and any vapors to dissipate

Zippo Blu Lighters carry the same Lifetime Guarantee as the original Zippo Lighter.

If you’re still not sure here’s a great video review from cutlerylover on YouTube.  He goes through all the pros and cons so you can make up your own mind.  Or if you have one leave a comment!

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